Organisations collaborate to launch recyclable waste programme in SA


Distell,a multinational brewing and beverage company, based in South Africa in partnership with Separation at Source (S@S), a programme which aims to reduce waste and establish a recycling economy is launching GreenUp, a community change initiative focused on a cleaner environment within the Western Cape’s Khayelitsha informal settlement.

The initiative will set out to establish and formalise effective value chains of operation in the collection, separation and processing of recyclable waste

This green economy action initiative is being introduced during South Africa’s ninth annual Sustainability Week.

Eric Leong Son, Distell’s sustainability manager and GreenUp project sponsor said,“the broad aim of this exciting project is for Distell to further align its operational activities with its sustainability objectives. We have made significant strides in the past few years in fine-tuning our business to be sensitive and responsive to our environmental impact. By working with S@S, we also help combat socio-economic challenges and empower individuals within this expansive and fast-growing community.”

The largest township in the Western Cape and the sixth biggest informal settlement in South Africa, Khayelitsha is growing at an average rate of 2% per year with an average population number of some 450,000.

According to Kathryn Warner of S@S, it is estimated that the Western Cape generates 7.7 million tonnes of waste annually, with the City of Cape Town contributing a substantial portion, 48% of the total.

She says that drivers of waste generation include population growth, employment levels, economic development as well as urban growth.