Organization urges entrepreneurs to develop agriculture via technology, research


Mrs. Oluwole Oluneye, the Chief Executive Officer of African Hub International (AHI), has urged entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to develop the agriculture sector through the application of technology and research.

African Hub International (AHI) is an organization that trains and connects beginners and entrepreneurs with local and international organizations where their products and services are required.

Oluneye said that the agriculture sector had a lot of potential to drive the nation’s economy and contribute to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), while facilitating the employment generation and economic diversification plans of the government.“Just like we now rely on crude oil, there would be a time where everybody will have to rely on the agric business but before we get there, we need to plan.

We need to plan and look at how to diversify the country’s economy; if everybody is encouraged to get involved in the agriculture business, the better for the economy.

However, the challenges associated with the agriculture business will be less if pragmatic efforts are made to use research and technology to develop the sector,’’ she said.

Oluneye said that AHI was also partnering with some international aviation companies in the U.S. on capacity building for entrepreneurial start-ups in aerospace and those who wanted to pursue a career in the field.

She added that the organization would train them in technology and research applications, using drones, as part of efforts to boost agricultural production and improve farm yields.“We are cutting on our own niche in the agriculture sector, particularly in food processing, to address issues like post-harvest losses and how to cope with the challenge,” she said.

She said that Nigeria is blessed with good natural resources, ecosystem and land mass, which, if necessary measures were put in place, would transform the country into the food hub of Africa and the world at large.