Organizations advocate agroecology to tackle climate change


Nigerian Farmers and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector have been urged to embrace agroecology to help protect the environment against deforestation and climate change.

The call was made at one-day training on Agroecology co-organised by Envirumedic and ActionAid Nigeria, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Effurun near Warri.

The Executive Director of Envirumedic, Mr Monday Itoghor who defined Agroecology as an integrated approach that simultaneously applies ecological principles to the management of food and agricultural systems said the training was organised to create awareness on the importance of agroecology in the country and the need to embrace it.

Itoghor explained that the training was also targeted at building the capacity of the stakeholders on agroecology and to promote its principles for adoption by the people.

“The practice of agroecology will contribute to better management of the environment including water and land management.

“This training is for stakeholders but the main beneficiaries are the farmers in the rural areas,” he said.

Itoghor therefore urged the participants to take advantage of the one-day programme to have a better understanding of agroecology and by implication a better environment.

Peace PIAK