Oscars Academy disqualifies another ‘Best International Film’ entry

The movie Joy chronicles sex workers in Vienna

Following the disqualification of Nigeria’s first-ever Oscar entry, Lionheart, last week by the Oscars Academy, Austria’s entry has also been disqualified from the race.

The Austrian film, Joy, written and directed by Sudabeh Mortezai, will not compete as it did not meet the language guidelines. The Academy found that two-thirds of the dialogue in Joy is in English.

The country’s official language is German.

The film chronicles Nigerian sex workers in Vienna, Austria.

Just like ‘Lionheart,’ the Academy said that ‘Joy’ violated the rule that mandates entries in the Best International Film Category to have “a predominantly non-English dialogue track.”

The Oscars recently changed the category name from Best Foreign Language Film to Best International Film.

“As we do every year, the Academy is in the process of reviewing the films submitted for the International Feature Film category to determine whether they meet our eligibility rules. The film Joy, submitted by Austria, was just reviewed and is ineligible because only 33% of the dialogue is non-English,” the Academy said.

Joy, like Lionheart, aired on Netflix to U.S. audiences after it premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2018.