Osun waste management warns residents against indiscriminate refuse disposal


The Osun Waste Management Agency (OWMA), has warned residents to stop indiscriminate dumping of refuse, especially in the waterways and channels to prevent flooding.

Mr Femi Ogunbamiwo, the Acting General Manager of OWMA gave the warning in an interview with Journalists in Osogbo, the state’s capital

Ogunbamiwo said that indiscriminate dumping of refuse could lead to outbreak of diseases, apart from causing flooding due to blocked waterways and channels.

“Refuse will block the flow of water leading to flooding and loss of lives and property.

“Dumping of plastic or cellophane wastes into waterways and canals indiscriminately causes flooding because these wastes block the water ways when not properly disposed of.

“However, as part of the statutory duty of the agency, we regularly send out officers to arrest people who dispose their wastes in places not designated for refuse disposal.

“According to the laws of OWMA, dumping of refuse indiscriminately is an offense punishable by imprisonment or a fine of N25, 000 or both, or as however deemed fit by the court.

“Our officers are always out to sensitise and arrest those acting against environmental laws; this is to deter indiscriminate refuse disposal and as a way of keeping Osun clean,” he said.

Ogunbamiwo said registered Private Sector Participation (PSP) operators were available in the state to pick up or collect wastes for proper disposal, while calling on residents to patronise them and pay them for their services.

“We ask residents to give government all the needed support to prevent outbreak of diseases and flood disaster, while we also call on them to always patronise PSP operators when disposing wastes,” he added.

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