Over 1000 Sagamu residents watch fight in AJ’s family hous


No fewer than 1000 persons stormed the family compound of Anthony Joshua on Saturday night to watch his fight against Andy Ruiz.

Apart from Baba Josh Memorial hall that that was full to the brim, a large crowd were also seen outside the hall.

The crowd took over Cinema street, causing a slow movement of vehicles on the two sides of the road.

While some fans sat on fences of nearby buildings, others climbed vehicles and tricycles.

Some of the viewers also sat on the floor of the poorly ventilated hall.

The crowd comprised of youths and elderly people, some of whom were said to be older than Joshua’s father.

One of them, who could not walk, was assisted to the hall where the bout was shown on TV.

Passersby, commercial and private vehicles drivers, who saw the fight being shown, stopped to watch.

Also, the fuel stations beside the family compound was taken over by people, who struggled to catch a glimpse of the fight.

The crowd intensified after the initial challenges faced in showing the match was resolved.



Jibril. O