Oyo holds church service for 59th Independence Anniversary

Olubunmi Osoteku, Ibadan


The government of Oyo State has held a special church service as part of activities to mark Nigeria’s 59th Independence Anniversary.

The special church service was held at the St. Peter’s Cathedral Church, Aremo, Ibadan, the State capital.

Governor Seyi Makinde disclosed that his government was strong on welfare issues because of his determination to turn around the standard of living of residents of the State and create a good life for all.

He said, “Our focus has been on the welfare of the people so far and that is because we are determined to turn around the standard of living of our people. There are many more programmes in the plans for the people of Oyo State. What we will ask of you is to keep on supporting and praying for the government.”

Positive Turnaround
Makinde noted that he was impressed by the quick turnaround his government has been able to effect at the Adeoyo State Hospital, Ring Road, Ibadan, within 100 days in Office, saying that it is a signal that more could be done as the focus continues to be on the four key pillars of economic expansion, health, education and security.

“The students are back to school and you have also seen our intervention in the area of education. These good things will not be limited to Ibadan. They will be all over Oyo State,” he said.

While delivering a sermon titled: “Righteousness exalts a nation,” the Provost of the Church,  Reverend Andrew Adebiyi, said that nations of the world must learn from the good and the bad deeds of three kings recorded in the Bible: Ahab, Jeroboam and Ahaziah, who kindled the wrath of God against the people of Israel at different times.

He said righteousness refers to general moral integrity and being pure and truthful in all dealings both in public and private lives, that the opposite of righteousness is unrighteousness, which he said degrades a nation.

Reverend Adebiyi said that Nigeria had sunk into a state of depreciation in moral fibre because of the lack of truthfulness and moral integrity, the Provost reiterated that the problems of today might not just be traceable to the youths of today.

Adebiyi stated that, “The leaders of yesterday broke the bridges of the good life as soon as they crossed the river because of lack of integrity. Nigeria needs serious prayers to return our country to the path of peace and progress.”

He also said that the rich must be careful and show compassion to the poor, as according to him, the country was already tilting towards a revolt of the poor.


Confidence Okwuchi