Paediatrician tasks government on effective health insurance


Dr Omolara Ekeinde, a Consultant Paediatrician, on Thursday advised the three-tiers of government to develop effective health insurance scheme to allow the poor access affordable healthcare services.

Ekeinde, of the Department of Paediatrics at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), said “the challenges that we have generally in this country, especially about the care of children, is the problem of funding. We are hoping that the health insurance scheme can get on and help a lot of people, mostly the poor. A lot of our patients are having to pay for care out of their pockets, which is not very convenient for them and so, we have a lot of them because of this are going round to places where they can’t get the best of care. Some of them because of the fear of the cost that they have to bear, don’t get to bring their children early, and finally when they get referral back to us, they come with much worst conditions than if they had come earlier. When it turns out this way, some of them will bear the costs, which many of them cannot afford. So this is one of the things that I think that the government can do for us to help institute a situation where the cost of the care can be borne by some other people,’’ Ekeinde said.

According to her, some clubs have been coming around to help with the care of the children, whose parents cannot afford health care.

She said that the governments could come up with policies to give the best care to children.

Ekeinde also called for the education of mothers, saying that a lot of them lacked information of where they could get care for their children.

Bilkisu Pai