PAN pledges to address healthcare, nutrition problems of children


The Paediatric Association of Nigeria (PAN) says it will  look into some of the research conducted in the thematic areas in order to proffer solutions to healthcare and nutrition problems of children.

The President of the association, Prof. Agustine Amoigberale, made the remarks while addressing a news conference in Kano ahead of the association’s 51st Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference.

The conference will be in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

“This year’s conference with the main theme:‘The Impact of Rapid Population Growth on the Child’ will look into some research conducted as well as the ongoing ones in the thematic areas.

During the conference, participants will also exchange ideas and proffer solutions to healthcare and nutrition problems of the children,” he said.

Amoigberale said other sub-themes of the conference were, “Childhood Nutrition: The role of healthcare providers and policy makers”, “Critical care of the sick child: Bridging the gap” and “addressing the childhood immunization.”

He said it was pathetic to note that Nigeria holds the number three position among nations in terms of worst indices of child healthcare, only preceded by India and Pakistan.

The UNICEF Communication Officer in Kano, Rabiu Musa,  also said UNICEF, was fully involved in the conference because it was all about children.

“This is critical and important for the Nigerian Child and all children globally, because this is about the wellbeing of children, about their survival and their stages in development.

Therefore, as UNICEF, we are involved because it is completely about children and it is our mandate to protect the rights of children and their wellbeing.

We are part of this conference very strongly, we are co-sponsoring the activity and we are also participating very actively in all aspects of the conference as UNICEF,” he added.