PDP Panel screens house of assembly aspirants in Gombe

Rebecca Mu’azu, Gombe


The Gombe State House of Assembly Screening Panel of the People’s Democratic Party has screened 98 aspirants vying for the 24 member House of Assembly.

Speaking to journalists in Gombe, the Chairman of the Panel, Chief Regis Uwakwe, said the panel wanted to ensure they present the best candidates who would win elections for the party in the state.

Chief Uwakwe said that the efforts were also to ensure that after winning an election, the candidates would not have problems at the tribunals in terms of qualifications to run.

He mentioned that  the panel had not received any petition on any of the candidates, because most of the aspirants were high quality aspirants.

“No, everything has been going on smoothly. What we have noticed is that there is a high quality of aspirants, in terms of education, exposure. We’ve been able to screened some former permanent secretaries, former commissioners, who are aspiring to go to the House of Assembly. That shows that there is a high quality of people to expect in the new Gombe State House of Assembly. And this is more so, because Gombe is a PDP State,” Chief Uwakwe said.

As to whether the panel had put in place some mechanisms to check the genuineness of the information they get from the aspirants, the Chairman of the Screening Panel replied: “Yes, of course, we have our check mechanisms, we go to their files, we demand for the originals of documents and we ask questions.

We noticed that some of the aspirants who forgot to do certain things are doing them, like in our nomination form, you are supposed to go and do affidavit at the bank. Some people didn’t know about that. So, when we observed such a thing, we keep their files, give them the forms to go and do the affidavit and come back. Because these are prerequisite to be a candidate of the People’s Democratic Party,” he said.