Pig farming can be Nigeria’s next cash cow , says expert


An agricultural consultant, Mr Adewale Ademiluyi, says pig farming is capable of generating appreciable export revenue for Nigeria, if it is properly developed and exploited.

Ademiluyi, an agro-technologist and the Chief Executive Officer of Adfirst Technology, said this  in an interview with News men in Lagos.

The consultant underscored the need to encourage pig farming in Nigeria, saying that the piggery business was capable of creating export revenue for the country.

“Currently, I will rate the piggery business Nigeria at 40 per cent because we are unable to meet the growing demand for pork in the country. The demand is higher than the supply at the moment.

“However, if embarked upon properly, pig farming can create considerable export income for the country,” he said.

Ademiluyi said that the major challenges facing pig farming in the country included the non-exposure of local farmers to modern technologies and trends in piggery farming.

“A major challenge facing the pig farming business in Nigeria is the lack of exposure of the local farmers to modern pig farming techniques. Exposure to modern technology is not limited to tools alone; it also involves modern skills in rearing pigs.

“Most local farmers embark on the business without prior knowledge of the modern techniques involved in the rearing of pigs.

“They need to understand how to infuse modern technologies to improve the business, prevent spread of diseases among the pigs and ultimately enhance the production capacity of the pigs,” he said.

Ademiluyi underscored the need to encourage local farmers to go for adequate training in modern pig farming before embarking on the business.

“To be sincere, pig farming is a very profitable business with high returns on investments if handled effectively.

“Pig farming can only be viable if the farmer engages in proper training and market research before embarking on the business.

“The Nigerian pig farmer must seek up-to-date knowledge in pig rearing in order to succeed in the business,” he added