Pipeline Explosion: Five victims die in Lagos

Taiwo Ojedele, Lagos


Not less than five victims of the pipeline explosion which occurred in the Ijegun area of Lagos State last week have died while receiving treatment at the hospital.

Three of the victims were buried at their family compound in the Isolo area of the State on Sunday morning.

Our correspondent who witnessed the burial reports that families and friends lamented the huge number of fatalities recorded in the course of the incident.

Lives and Properties
Some families lost everything to the inferno which destroyed lives properties.

The Modiu and Afolabi family are such families.

The Modiu family, all twelve of them comprising father, mother and their children and grandchildren suffered severe burns. The mother, Adequate Modiu died Saturday night while her first daughter Fasilatu also succumbed to the cold hands of death on Sunday morning.

It was no different for the Afolabi family as father, mother and son died Saturday.

Allegations of Neglect
Relatives and friends of both families decried what they call the shabby treatment given to the injured at the Gbagada General hospital where they were taken to.

They said that they have been running around to source for funds to run tests and procure drugs for the victims of the fire incident. Though, the State government claimed otherwise.

They are however calling on the authorities to come to the aid of the victims by directing officials in the hospitals to give them the best of treatment free of charge.

They also want those involved in the vandalisation of the pipelines which led to the inferno brought to book no matter their position in the society.