Plane crash lands after hitting flock of birds


A Russian passenger plane has made an emergency landing in a cornfield near Moscow after striking a flock of birds.

“Twenty-three people were injured in the incident, which saw the plane land with its engines off and landing gear retracted,” health officials said.

In a statement made by the health officials “five children were among those hospitalised” following the crash.

Those injured in the incident were “considered to be in serious or fair condition.”

The Ural Airlines Airbus 321 was travelling to Simferopol in Crimea when it hit the flock of gulls shortly after take-off, disrupting its engines.

State media has dubbed the landing the “miracle over Ramensk.”

An official for the airline said that, “plane was significantly damaged and would not fly again,” as investigation is under way.

Emergency landing
The plane had 233 passengers and crew on board when the birds were reportedly sucked into its engines and the crew immediately decided to land.

An unnamed passenger said that, “the plane started to shake violently after take-off.”

“Five seconds later, the lights on the right side of the plane started flashing and there was a smell of burning. Then we landed and everyone ran away,” he said.

Air transport agency Rosaviatsia said, “the plane landed in a cornfield about a kilometre (0.62 miles) from the runway at Zhukovsky International Airport, with its engines off and landing gear retracted.”

Passengers were evacuated from the plane, with some taken to hospital for treatment and others directed back to the airport.

Ural Airlines Director General Kirill Skuratov told reporters that, “passengers who wanted to continue with their trip would be put on alternative flights following medical examinations.”


Christopher Ojilere