Poets In Nigeria task government on youth creativity


Poets In Nigeria, PIN, says there is need  for the Nigerian government  to groom people who would be creatively grounded for the country to grow.

The President, Eriata Oribhabor , made the call saying people, stakeholders and government should be able to support creativity in all forms.

He said that the society also needed to reach out to primary and secondary schools and encourage them to be creative in writing and reading.

“Creativity is the foundation for everything we do in our lives for the growth of our country.

 “A society cannot develop well without exploring its creativity; if we cannot find new ideas that can later be turned into innovative solutions; then we are not ready to grow.


“Creativity starts from the mind and putting it into perspective, for it to grow into something tangible,” he said.

Oribhabor, however, said that in poetry, words are usually put together to form sounds, images and ideas that might look somehow complex.

“Poetry is important because it helps us to understand and appreciate the world around us.


Rahila Lassa