Police arrest second man in relation to Mac Miller’s death


A 36-year-old man has been arrested in relation to the death of rapper, Mac Miller.

Ryan Reavis was arrested on drug and weapons charges, but the Police haven’t said exactly how he was linked to the rapper.

The Police said they found marijuana, drug paraphernalia, pills, a doctor’s prescription pad, three guns and large amounts of ammunition at his home in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Mac Miller died at the age of 26 last year after a drug overdose.

Earlier this month, the police arrested a 28-year-old Cameron James Pettit, from Los Angeles and was charged with selling of drugs to the star.

Mac Miller was quite open with his substance abuse and was arrested for drinking and driving in May 2018.

The coroner found fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol in his body in September 2018 and concluded he’d accidentally taken an overdose.

Prosecutors say Mac Miller thought he’d been sold a painkiller called oxycodone, but it had actually been laced with fentanyl, a powerful drug that is fifty times more potent than heroin.

They say their evidence against Cameron James Pettit, the first arrest in the investigation, includes messages he sent after the body was discovered.

He told a friend: “Most likely I will die in jail.”

If he’s found guilty he could spend 20 years behind bars.

Rahila L.