Police arrests 17 in Mozambique elections 


Mozambican police have arrested 17 people on suspicion of attempting to interfere with vote counting in 10 polling stations in Maganja da Costa, in the central province of Zambezia.

District police commander Vasco Mariano told journalists that the suspects were ringleaders of a group that vandalised a police vehicle carrying officers who were responding to chaos in the area, after residents burnt tyres and placed barricades on roads.

He accused them of having machetes and blunt objects.

Mr Mariano said no election material was damaged in the chaos

“When police arrived in the place, the rioters threw blunt instruments at them including stones and some were holding machetes. The police car was smashed. When we noted that the rioters were overpowering our forces, we had to call for reinforcements.”

“We managed to restore order; we managed to arrest 17 of the ringleaders. They will answer in court.”

Mozambicans voted on Tuesday in presidential, legislative and provincial elections, with provisional results expected before the week end. An estimated 13 million people were eligible to vote.


Christopher Ojilere