Police warns Nigerians against planned Revolution march


The Nigerian Police has gotten notice of a video circulating on the social media by the ‘Global Coalition for Security and Democracy and others.

The video is inciting Nigerians, home and abroad, to join a planned ‘revolution’ march against the Nigerian Government on Monday, 5th August, with the sole aim of forcing a regime change.

The Force wishes to state unequivocally that “the call amounts to treasonable felony and acts of terrorism and will therefore not stand idly-by and watch any individual or group in the society cause anarchy in the land.”

Acknowledging the rights of Nigerians to embark on protest, the Force wishes to note that such rights should not translate to a violent and forceful change of government which clearly is the meaning of ‘revolution’.

“Needless to state that Nigeria is a democratic republic and has well-defined processes for change of government, exercised periodically during various cycle of elections,” the Police stated.

It therefore warns “the organisers, sponsors, allies, supporters, associates and sympathisers of the group ‘Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria’ to, in their own interest, steer clear of any such planned protest, demonstration, acts of incitement and proposed “revolution”, as the full wrath of the law will be brought to bear on any individual or group engaged or found participating in the above planned criminal act.”

Parents and Guardians are therefore enjoined to impress on their children and wards not to allow themselves to be used in whatever form by any person or group of persons to cause breach of law and order in the country.

The Police said it would work with other Law Enforcement Agencies and positive minded Nigerians to protect, defend and secure our public peace and space.


Mercy Chukwudiebere