Poultry farmer raises alarm over smuggling…despite border closure


Mr Emmanuel Iregbeyen, the Chief Executive Officer of Emiraz farms, has raised alarm over smuggling of imported frozen poultry into the country in spite of border closure.

Iregbeyen who made the observation in Lagos, said there had been relatively no increase in the demand of local poultry following the border closure as a result of saboteurs at the land borders.

To the best of my knowledge, since the land border closure, we are not really experiencing any pressure as regards increase in demand of locally processed poultry,’’ he said.

Iregbeyen said the patronage for locally processed chicken had not changed from what it used to be before the border closure.

Imported frozen poultry are still in the market and the price of our locally processed poultry has not changed at all. People still have alternatives.

“Nigerians still have a way of getting access to these smuggled frozen poultry. If they do not have access to these smuggled goods at least by now we expect demand of our local poultry to be on the increase,’’ he said.

He said that some Nigerians were sabotaging the efforts of the government as regards the land border closure.

The system is still porous, the border is leaking and not effective and by the time people will have no access to these smuggled product, they have no choice but to make do with what is available.

“By now, if the system is really working, we would have seen the difference in prices and demand of our local poultry,” he said.

Iregbeyen said that although there had been slight changes in demand for local poultry, the government needed to enlighten Nigerians on patronising home grown agriculture produce.