President Buhari mourns veteran actor Ted Mukoro

Ted Mukoro

President Muhammadu Buhari has commiserated with the family and friends of the first actor to play the role of the Village Headmaster, Ted Mukoro, who passed at the age of 89.

President Buhari sent condolences to the Nollywood family and the advertising community over the loss of the renowned actor, advertiser and voice talent, who spent his life promoting effective communication, good entertainment and healthy community relations.

As one of the pioneers of radio drama in the Western Nigeria Broadcasting Service and Western Nigeria Television, the President commended the late Mukoro for contributing to the development of theatre in Nigeria, and sustaining his interest in acting, even in old age by participating in Nollywood movies.

President Buhari  said that the advertising industry in Nigeria benefitted from the copywriting skills and structuring of attractive narratives by the late actor, who also mentored many younger Nigerians.

The President prayed that God comfort the family he left behind.