President Buhari pledges better funding for judiciary 

By Timothy Choji Abuja 

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari gets commendation from lawmakers.

President Muhammadu Buhari has pledged that his administration will continue to adequately fund the judiciary to function properly.

President Buhari made the pledge on Monday in Abuja, shortly before inaugurating the annex building of the headquarters of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria.

”It is the collective duty of the three arms of government to ensure fair justice delivery and safeguard the rights of all Nigerians.” President Buhari said.

President Buhari said; ‘‘You will all recall that in 2014, the entire budgetary allocation to the judiciary was N68 billion.

‘‘Today, the judiciary budgetary allocation has gone up to N100 billion. Be rest assured that we shall continue to adequately fund the judiciary to ensure it is enabled to discharge its responsibilities.’’

Continuous Collaboration 
The Nigerian leader used the occasion to appeal to the three arms of government to continue collaborative partnership to ensure that policies, programmes and projects of this administration positively impact the lives of Nigerians.

‘‘Simply put, all Nigerians, regardless of ethnicity, religion and politics deserve peaceful and prosperous lives…Where these basic rights are trampled upon, Nigerians deserve fair justice delivery. 

‘‘It is therefore our collective duty to work collaboratively to ensure that such rights are safeguarded,’’ he said.

The occasion also marked the valedictory session of the President of the Court, Justice Babatunde Adejumo, who just retired.

Congratulating Justice Adejumo on his retirement and meritorious service to the country, the President said; ” his numerous contributions are well known and appreciated.

‘‘I am confident his legacy will have a positive impact on those who follow him.’

Speaking on the mandate of the Court, the President recalled that it was established as a specialised Court to adjudicate on disputes arising from and relating to labour, industrial and employment matters.

‘‘Indeed, it is the Court in Nigeria that is constitutionally mandated to perform these functions. Thus, the performance of this court directly impacts Nigeria’s ease of doing business indices,’’ President Buhari said.

He noted that the completion of the Annex Building would further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of justice delivery by the Court.

‘‘Furthermore, the socio-economic impact of this Court cannot be downplayed as it also provides the platform for employees, retirees as well as the dependents of deceased employees to find justice when treated unfairly,’’ President Buhari added.



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