President Buhari receives prestigious award in Liberia

Timothy Choji, Abuja


The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has been honoured with an award in Liberia, known to be the highest award in the Country.

President Buhari received the “Most Venerable Order of the Knighthood of the Pioneers of the Republic of Liberia with Grade of the Knight Grand Cordon”, award at the 172nd independence anniversary of Liberia, held on Friday.

In a goodwill message to the Government and people of Liberia on behalf of Nigeria on the occasion, President  Buhari says the Economic and Recovery Growth Plan launched by his administration in 2017 is creating  the enabling environment for growth, security and economic revival.

He said his administration  had realized the futility in continuing to subject the Nigerian economy to the vagaries of  its mono-product dependence  and has instituted policies aimed at diversifying the national economy which are yielding positive results.

“Our government had to adopt appropriate measures including diversification and reforms to address such underlying causes exemplified by our continued dependence on a single-commodity, crude oil, lack of fiscal buffers, leakages, corruption and high governance costs.

“Furthermore, in our efforts to stimulate the economy, our government initiated bold policy interventions that are beginning to yield positive results,” President Buhari explained.

The Award
Speaking on the award received, President Buhari said he accepted it on behalf of all Nigerians and as “a tribute to all our country men who paid the supreme price in aid of Liberia’s unity and stability.”

He  thanked the people of Liberia for the award  and expressed his resolve to continue to strengthen cooperation within the sub region:

“This gesture can only strengthen my resolve to rededicate myself to the service of my country, work for the prosperity of our people in the sub-region,” he stated.

Developing the Productive Sector
The President encouraged his Liberian counterpart to take decisive actions to further stimulate the economy of the country:   “Mr. President, Liberia under your leadership may wish to learn from our experience by taking courageous steps to diversify its economic base by developing the productive sector that would complement earnings from rubber, iron ore and the increasingly dwindling funds from Development Partners.

“In this regard, the need for proper management of human resources and investment in agriculture, solid minerals and other sectors such as tourism where the country has comparative advantage, cannot be overstated,” President Buhari concluded.

Confidence Okwuchi