President Buhari’s 2019 bid gets boost in Delta State

Timothy Choji, Abuja


The ambition of President Muhammadu Buhari to get a second term of office has received a boost from supporters of the All Progressives Congress APC in Delta State, Southern Nigeria.

A stalwart of the party in Delta State, Mr Olorogu Otega Imero disclosed this to State House Correspondents, after a meeting with the Chief of Staff to the President.

Mr Imero said the President has done a lot for the people of the State and the Niger-Delta region in general, thus their overwhelming support for his second term bid.

“We know that delivering the President in 2019 has become very easy in Delta State for multiple reasons. The President has performed very well, he has been very good to the South-South, he has reactivated the amnesty programme, the Maritime University in the Ijaw-Ishekiri side of Delta is now functioning, and he has done a lot for us in Delta. He has empowered a lot of our people in Delta.

“We have the Minister of State Petroleum and the Minister of Transportation from South-South, the N-Power programme is working so all these have created the enabling environment for us to deliver the President in 2019,” he explained.

Taking over Leadership
The APC stalwart, who expressed optimism that the APC can take over the reins of leadership in Delta State form the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, noted that the current Governor off the State has not done enough thus, clearing the coast for the APC to take over.

“Let me tell you, we are so fortunate that the Governor of Delta Sate, who is a PDP man, is not doing anything. Delta has a lot of resources and the expectation is that the State should be doing better than Edo State for example, which is our neighbour but the APC Governor in Edo is doing so well; even Willie Obiano in Anambra that doesn’t have anything is doing so well. So it’s so obvious that the finances of Delta State are not being applied and everyone in Delta is now convinced that APC must takeover because they produce performing Governors,” Imoro stated.

Commenting on alleged divisions in the APC in Delta State, he said the issue was not peculiar to Delta State.

“The issue of congresses and division did not happen only in Delta. It happened across the country but this is the period of reconciliation. There is a group that did not work with the majority of the people in Delta; we formed a unity group in Delta that had so many Governorship aspirants and leaders working together. But a s you know, the Ogboru and Omo-Agege group put their own governorship aspiration ahead and decided to work separately but the move we are making is to bring everybody together, provide a level playing field so that all the Governorship aspirants will work together. But the great objective we have is how to deliver the President in Delta State 2019. That is our priority and the ground is ripe for us to take over that State and deliver 2 million votes for President Buhari in 2019,” he pledged.

Confidence Okwuchi