President of Ivory Coast plans to amend constitution


Ivory Coast’s president Alassane Quattara on Monday said he would propose ‘‘modifications’’ to the country‘s constitution, even as he rubbished claims by the opposition that he plans to sideline opponents from this year’s presidential elections.

In ceremonies to mark the New Year, Ouattara said, “In the first quarter of the year, I will put to parliament proposals for modifications to the constitution.”

The aim is to make the constitution “more coherent… to further consolidate the state of law and bring institutions closer to our fellow citizens,” he said.

Ouattara gave no details but addressed opposition warnings about introducing age restrictions that would bar former presidents Laurent Gbagbo, 74, and Henri Konan Bedie, 85, from running for office in October.

“I would like to reassure one and all that this is not about ‘stalling’ anyone. As I have said, anyone can be a candidate,” Ouattara said.

Such a move would also exclude Ouattara himself.


Dominica Nwabufo



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