President Buhari tasks new ministers on service to the nation

Timothy Choji, Abuja


Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari says the country’s ministers-designate were appointed to assist and advise him on running the country efficiently.

He has also challenged them to reflect and assess the country’s position in 2015 and today, so as to chart a course for the country for the foreseeable future.

The President made the declaration on Monday, while declaring open a two-day Presidential Retreat for Ministers-designate and Federal Permanent Secretaries at the State House conference hall, Abuja.

He stated that as ministers, they would be responsible for the development and implementation of policies, programmes and projects in their various Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in line with government priorities.

According to the President, the ministers must also ensure that agencies under their ministries are effective, efficient and accountable in the discharge of their responsibilities.

He said: “I congratulate all the new comers who your country has chosen above others to join the first term Ministers whose performance has been outstanding. All of you are appointed to assist and advise the President in running the affairs of our country.

“At the end of the Retreat, it is hoped that all of you will be in tune with the roles and responsibilities of positions you will occupy in Government. Many national issues require unified decisions.”

He urged the ministers designate to brace up for the herculean task ahead of them.

“It is a great privilege for you to be called upon to serve in these Great Offices of State and you must grasp the chance with two hands and put in your best efforts as Nigeria today needs top managers to handle our numerous challenges.

“There will be long hours and you must be prepared to live laborious days if we are to serve our people optimally,’’ he said.

The President said the purpose of the retreat was among others to familiarize the in-coming ministers with their colleagues at the Federal Executive Council (FEC) with whom he shall be working closely for the next four years God willing.

Population Explosion

The President, who also spoke on the looming demographic potential of the country, charged the in-coming ministers to join hands in finding solution to the frightening population explosion the country threatening the country.

He said: “By average estimates, our population is close to 200 million today. By 2050, UN estimates put Nigeria third globally behind only India and China with our projected population at 411 million.

“This is a frightening prospect but only if we sit idly by and expect handouts from so-called development partners. The solution to our problems lies within us.’’

President Buhari told the Ministers-Designate, that the first term of his administration had identified three salient areas for close attention and action, namely to secure the country, to improve the economy and to fight corruption.

“None but the most partisan will dispute that we have made headway in all three areas: First – we have rolled back the frontiers of terrorism; we are actively addressing other challenges such as kidnappings, farmer-herder violence, improving the safety of our roads, railways, air traffic and fire control capacities.

“Second – we are steadily turning the economy round through investment in agriculture and manufacturing, shoring up our foreign reserves, curbing inflation and improving the country’s infrastructure.

“Third – on corruption, we have recovered hundreds of billions of stolen assets and are actively pursuing control measures to tackle leakages in public resources. We will not let up in fighting corruption,’’ he said.

The Nigerian leader maintained that he would be counting on the ministers together with Advisers and Nigerians willing and able to contribute to build upon the administration’s road map of policies, programmes and projects that would lift the bulk of the citizens out of poverty and set them on the road to prosperity.

According to him, his administration’s eight years would have laid the grounds for lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in 10 years.

“This outcome will fundamentally shift Nigeria’s trajectory and place us among the World’s Great Nations,’’ he added.

The President encouraged the ministers-designate to maintain a good communication network among themselves, in order to succeed.

“Honourable Ministers-Designate, we must work as a team. Although you have been chosen to represent your states as a constitutional imperative, it is vital for all of you to work as Nigerians.

“Furthermore, working as a team demands that we know what the next person is doing. You must open communications with your colleagues. Lack of communication leads to lack of cooperation and sub-optimal performance,” he said.