R.Kelly seeks release from jail over Coronavirus fears

Mazino Dickson


American musician, songwriter, and producer R.Kelly has expressed fears about contracting the coronavirus in prison and wants to be released.

He is currently being held without bail in a federal prison in Chicago, Illinois, after being arrested on several sex crime charges.

But his legal team is working on plans to get him released early.

This follows requests across the United States for the decongestion of prisons to ward-off the possible spread of the coronavirus.

They argue that living conditions within the Metropolitan Correctional Center would expose R.Kelly to the risk of being infected.

The visitor’s bathroom on the entry-level floor of the MCC frequently has no soap or paper towels available, which makes it difficult for individuals entering the facility to adequately clean their hands before visiting,” they said in a filing.

The courts have long recognised that there is no greater necessity than keeping a defendant alive, no matter the charge.”

R.Kelly could not meet his legal team in early March because of the fear of an outbreak of coronavirus epidemic within the prison facility.