‘Rain risk continues’ after Kenya disaster


At least 56 people have died in landslides caused by torrential rain in Kenya’s West Pokot region on Saturday.

Hundreds of families have been made homeless and are sheltering in churches and schools, and desperately need food, water and other supplies.

Thirty other people are still missing.

“Floodplains that are receiving heavy rainfall are also at risk”, said Samwel Mwangi of Kenya’s meteorological department.

“Governments are always prepared, but acts of nature like this can never be 100 percent prepared for,” he said.

“We are giving early warning information and deploying emergency operations to remove people from areas that are high risk.”

Weather experts in East Africa are warning of a continued, heavy downpour that could bring more devastation, particularly in landslide-prone areas.


Dominica Nwabufo