Ranching : Commissioner advises herdsmen to form cooperative societies


Dr. David Kassa, the Taraba Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development has on Monday advised herdsmen and other livestock farmers to form cooperative societies for easy intervention by the government.

Kassa said in Jalingo that crop farmers and herdsmen who formed cooperative societies would be eligible to access government’s intervention to build their own ranches and curb frequent crises.“I want to advise herdsmen and other livestock farmers to form cooperative societies for easy identification and intervention by the government.

Between five and 10 herdsmen can come together and build a ranch and mark their cows to live there.This can make for easy access to government’s intervention in terms of grants, soft loans and subsidies on animal feeds,” he said.

Kassa said ranching is the best form of rearing animals globally and he advised government at all levels not to shy away from providing support to herdsmen and livestock farmers for the overall improvement in agriculture.

He noted that the continuous conflict between herdsmen and crop farmers is causing a setback for everyone.

Kassa decried the situation where the Middle Belt region of the country with a conducive climatic condition for agriculture had become a battle ground. “The Middle Belt region has the best climatic condition for both crop and animal production.

Building ranches is the only way out of the terrible crisis we are facing as a nation.

I will advise the Nigerian Government to make a legislation that will encourage ranching across the nation and to provide intervention funds to curb frequent crisis,” he said