Refugee Commission distributes relief materials to Gombe IDPs

Internally Displaced People, IDPs in Gombe State receive relief materials.

Rebecca Mu’azu, Gombe

The Nigerian Commission for Refugees and Migrants has distributed relief materials to Internally Displaced People, IDPs in Gombe State, to empower them.

The materials will also help them earn a living and alleviate their problems.

Items distributed
The items distributed were 126 Grinding Machines, 45 Water Pumping machines and three Block Moulding Machines, meant for the three local government areas with the highest number of IDPs, Akko, Gombe and Yamaltu Deba.

Speaking to Journalists in Gombe after the distribution of the items, the Deputy Director, Accounts, Refugee Commission, Mr. Abba Abdulrahman said the distribution was carried out to assist the beneficiaries have a means of livelihood and take care of their family needs.

He warned those intending to sell off the items against it in order to achieve the aim of the programme.

“It’s from the Nigerian Government under the President, Muhammadu Buhari, under the Commission for Refugees and Migrants. That is the reason why we are grouping, because what we have cannot be enough to cater for the whole people that are around so that they can benefit all. We gave the command that no one should sell it. It is meant for them to use it, so that they get something to eat and survive,” Mr. Abdulrahman stated.

According to the Gombe State Emergency Management Agency, there are over 37 thousand registered Internally Displaced People still residing in various communities across the state.

The Head of Rescue and Rehabilitation, Gombe State Emergency Management Agency, Mr. Mohammed Garba said those targeted during this round of distributions were those at the lowest level of the ladder.

“Those that are without visible means of livelihood, those that have idle, especially the women, those that are heading their household. We urged them to bring these kinds of people and we are happy that they responded according to what we instructed them. We decided that these three Block Moulding Machines should go to the local governments with the highest number of IDPs that is Akko, Gombe and Yamaltu Deba. They have the highest number of IDPs. So, we are giving it to these three local governments, so that they make use of it and mould blocks with it and even give it out on hire,” Mr. Garba explained.

Mr. Garba said on the records, 37, 284 people were remaining as IDPs in Gombe, from the statistics gathered in April this year.

He said the number may be higher because some had not reported to the office for their records to be taken.

Mercy Chukwudiebere