Renewable energy can enhance agriculture value chain – Stakeholders


Some renewable energy stakeholders on Tuesday said that energy collected from renewable resources could be exploited to increase agricultural produce in Nigeria.

They stated this at the just concluded programme on “Promoting the Citizens Access to Clean Energy Solution in Nigeria: A Gender Approach” in Lagos state which was organised by Clean Technology Hub, a non-governmental organisation, that aims to increase access to clean energy and improve climate resilience.

According to them, preservation, drying and refrigeration of all aspects of agricultural produce and products value chain need energy, which the national power supply grid could not meet.

Ms Chidinma Ezike, Climate Action and Environment Associate, Clean Technology Hub, said that there were solutions proffered by experts, to help those in agriculture to do their work efficiently.

“We all know that women make up 70 per cent of those in the agricultural sector, and that they are involved at subsistence level.

“After harvest, preservation of crops and foodstuffs, drying of some products and refrigeration become an issue, as all require energy.

“Statistics show that almost 93 million Nigerians are not connected to the national grid.

“They rely on unclean sources of energy, exposing themselves to ill-health after prolong exposure

“Renewable energy have solutions to this and improves the way agricultural produce are handled,” Ms Ezike explained.

Peace PIAK