Reps plan special budget to reduce farmers/herders conflict

Lawan Hamidu, Abuja


The Nigerian House of Representatives is to provide a special budgetary provision in the 2018 Appropriation for the National Animal Production Research Institute, Zaria to device means of reducing animal movement across the country.

This followed a unanimous adoption of a motion on the urgent need for special budgetary intervention for the Animal Production Research Institute as part of measures towards solving the recurring Farmers/ Herdsmen clashes in the Country.

Presenting the motion, Mr. Denis Agbo from Enugu State, stated that provision of essential pasture and feeds for cattle by modern technique would effectively terminate avoidable mobility of herdsmen and cattle.

He said that “NAPRI, has over the years developed high energy, high vitamin and high protein grass species that can be multiplied to feed much more than our current national cattle population all year round, as well as improved cattle varieties for high meat and milk production, and also the technology for fast animal growth and multiplication, but unfortunately, all the facilities and capabilities available at NAPRI, have remained essentially latent due to long years of neglect.

And that a good number of State Governments, cattle breeders and support farmers are desirous of embracing modern farming methods and now await relevant agencies such as NAPRI to provide the needed guidance and extension services to enable them proceed.”

The lawmakers insisted that re-positioning of animal breeding would encourage investments and support for farmers that would transform animal breeding chain value across the country.

Visa policy

Meanwhile in another motion the House urged the government to fashion out comprehensive visa policy for the country.

This will include the review of the visa length issued to applicants from one to five years in order to encourage the inflow of foreign investments, open up the economy and for local base businesses to thrive in the country.

Presenting the motion, Mr Johnson Agbonayinma from Edo State told the house that the Visa issuance procedures and rules approve only a maximum of One Year Single Entry Visa for applicants contrary to what is obtain in other countries.

According to the lawmaker some countries like US issued a maximum of up to five years multiple entry Visas to applicants which encourage economic growth.

He said “Given the close ties the United States of America and many European and Asian countries have with Nigeria in the areas of economy, public health, peace, security and education, the issuance of only One Year Single Entry Visas and unnecessary Visa policies to citizens of those friendly countries has inadvertently affected the number of foreign visitors willing to invest in Nigeria.

The review of the nation’s Visa policy will likely lead to an increase in the number of American, Asian and European investors visiting the country for businesses and also increase the presence of tourist visitors to the country, thereby boosting the economy through tourism.”

Mr Agbonaiyima noted that the issuance of One Year Entry Visa to applicants irrespective of their purpose of visit to Nigeria is counter-productive to the economic growth of the nation, bilateral relations and inflow of foreign investments.