Rohr explains Super eagles struggles against African teams


Super Eagles coach Gernot Rohr have explained why his team seems to struggle abgainst African teams

Nigeria played good football against team from other continents as seen in the scintillating performances against Ukraine and Brazil especially in the first halves.

Such dazzling display has not been replicated against African opposition , this according to Rohr to the physicality of Africans team and African football and the defensive football they play when facing Nigeria

Rohr also said the poor state of footbal pitches across the continent affect play, as it affects the tactical play of the team, making hard for the player to play the way they would have love to have played unlike the good turfs against European teams

The idea is to play with same pattern in all games and create a unique style, but its hard when play on some pitches like  the one we have in Nigeria, and also must African teams defend against Super Eagles and try and go physical and that also means that we have to adapt to get the result we want.