Rural affairs minister: Climate change increasingly affecting agriculture


The Climate and Energy Committee of the Estonian government received an overview at Wednesday’s meeting of climate measures in agriculture and the development of green technologies.

According to Minister of Rural Affairs Arvo Aller (EKRE), climate change is increasingly affecting the agriculture sector.

At the same time, the agriculture sector can for its part contribute toward mitigating and adjusting to climate change,” Aller said regarding the reduction of greenhouse gases in agriculture.

According to the minister, this would be possible first and foremost through the neutralization of acidic soil, improving manure management, using renewable energy and energy conservation, as well as precision fertilization.

Audits, studies and pilot projects need to be conducted in order to assess the situation in agricultural businesses and assess the impact of various practices and technologies on climate change,” he said. “In order to cope with all of these challenges, farmers also need significant support from the state.”

According to Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, not one sector will go untouched by climate change, and in order to remain economically competitive, smart action is required immediately.

We need to update our economy and develop technologies in such a way that it benefits everyone,” Ratas said. “Agriculture needs to become greener, and green technologies must become the foundation to our future economic growth.”

He stressed that climate policy has to be very strongly considered with this year’s state budget strategy already.

A well-considered state green technology stimulus package will help to see the realization of good ideas.

In cooperation other ministries, the Ministry of the Environment is drawing up a comprehensive green technology stimulus package proposal for the state budget strategy process.