Rural farmers trained on effective agric practices


Rural farmers have been urged to always destroy chemical containers after usage.

Mrs Salamatu Garba, the Founder, Women Farmers Advancement Network(WOFAN), made the call on Wednesday in Abuja during a training for extension workers.

The training was organised by UN Development Programme- Global Environmental Facility (GEF) in collaboration with WOFAN and National Programme Monitoring Unit

The training is on Good Agricultural Practices, focusing on rice and groundnut production and family nutrition for extension workers.

She said that some women in some rural communities were in the habit of just washing the containers of chemical and using them as water bottles for their children to take to schools.

According to her, the conversion of these containers to water bottles for school children is not good for their health.

“Sometimes, these farmers do not know the dangers in such act, I have seen farmers at work in farms applying chemicals and eating and some after the application just go to bed without taking their bath.’’

Garba called on the participants to create awareness and teach other farmers what they learnt during the training on the effect of chemicals and applications to crops.

“When farmers do not follow the right steps in farming activities and applications of chemicals or fertiliser to crops, it can affect the yield at the end.

“Sometimes over applications of both chemicals to treat plants of pest or fertiliser to aid growth can destroy the crops,” she said.

The WOFAN boss therefore urged the extension workers to take the message back home and teach other farmers in the rural areas.

She said that good agricultural practices were for everybody and “it is everybody’s business, so together we must strive to ensure we succeed at the end.”