SA man who rescued rape victim ‘nominated for award’


A man who was stabbed on the head and back while trying to stop a sexual assault in Cape Town, South Africa, has been nominated for the SA Men of the Year Awards, report says.

Radius Masukume, 49, was walking across an open field on 10 October when he heard a woman’s cry. He rushed to the scene to find a 45-year-old woman being raped by two young men.

His attempt to rescue her saw him being stabbed on the back and head. He ran to a nearby road where he met a police van on patrol and reported the crime.

The SA Men of the Year Awards recognise “positive male role models in society”. The winners are expected to be announced in November.

“The brave and heroic deeds of Mr Radius Masukume deserve a special recognition, not only by the people of Cape Town but by all South Africans”, awards chairperson Bongani Ngomane  said.

 A separate campaign was launched to raise funds to reward Mr Masukume for his bravery and selflessness.


Dominica Nwabufo