Sanctions against Zimbabwe unjustified – Chinese Foreign Minister

China's foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi, seen her with Zimbabwe's International Trade Minister, Sibusiso Moyo during his five-nation tour that has seen him visit Egypt, Djibouti, Eritrea and Burundi.


China’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Wang Yi has said the sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe by Western countries have no justification in international law and impede the country’s development.

Mr Wang, who arrived in the country on Saturday night said this while addressing a press conference soon after meeting Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister, Sibusiso Moyo on Sunday.

He is in the country on the last leg of his five-nation tour that has seen him visit Egypt, Djibouti, Eritrea and Burundi.

His call against the illegal sanctions is in line with a resolution by Sadc and endorsed by the African Union that the embargo has impacted against the economy and brought untold suffering to ordinary people.

“The unilateral sanctions imposed by some countries and organisations on Zimbabwe have no basis in international law and they violate the legitimate development rights of Zimbabwe. China fully supports the just aspirations of Zimbabwe and African countries to quickly remove those sanctions on Zimbabwe,” he said.

Minister Wang said China and Zimbabwe had a big role to play on the international scene.

“Our countries have a big role to play by working together, in a world full of uncertainty both China and Zimbabwe stand on the right side of history on the side of equity and justice and on the side of developing countries. 

“Both countries believe in the equality of nations irrespective of their size and reject the bullying of the weak. We both believe in win-win situations for our countries and reject zero-sum game. We both believe in multilateralism and the basic norms upholding international relations and reject unilateralism and bullying practices,” he said.

Mr Wang added that Zimbabwe had the capacity to come out of the economic challenges it is facing.

Our two sides need to uphold the win-win cooperation in infrastructure, agriculture and mining  as well as explore new areas of growth. The Chinese side understands the difficulties and bottlenecks faced by Zimbabwe but we trust that Zimbabwe has the wisdom and capabilities to address these challenges and as Zimbabwe’s good friend we are also prepared to provide policy consultations and experiences we had based on Zimbabwe’s will,” he said.