Saudi Arabia offers medical Aid to Nigerians.

Amina Mohammed

Saudi Crowned Prince
The kingdom of Saudi Arabia says it is funding a medical campaign to combat blindness and its causes in Nigeria.
This was contain in a press statement issued by the Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Nigeria, Adnan Bostaji.
He said that the humanitarian Aid and relief center is funded by king Salman, in collaboration with Al-Basar International Foundation.
Mr. Bostaji further said that the campaign is  to strengthen and enhance the excellent historical ties between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which are based on friendliness and mutual cooperation.
The southern part of Nigeria, Ibadan Oyo state was the first call of contact.
In the North Central Nigeria, the city of Lafia, Nasarawa State, where not left out as hundreds of patients, who have interest in taking advantage of the campaign, trooped to Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital and were diagnosed.
It is worth mentioning that King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center is carrying out this campaign in a number of states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Center’s method is to send volunteer specialist doctors to a number of countries in the world in order to render its medical services to those in need and in various fields, arising from the leading role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in humanitarian works
So far, more than eight thousand patients were diagnosed, treated and drugs administered.
Mr Bostonians said  surgery operations were also done by a number of consultants,  surgeons and ophthalmolomgist.
The Ambassador extend gratitude and thanks the Nigerian authorities, comprising of the Government and the private sector, for their cooperation with the organizers of this campaign and for making their task successful, as well as for accomplishing the campaign’s humanitarian goals.
He added that the next stages will be the Northeast part of Nigeria.