School Alumni launch ‘give back to school’ campaign


Rahila Lassa, Abuja

As part of its social corporate responsibility, the alumni of Government Secondary School Tafawa balewa, in Kaduna State, North-west Nigeria, has organised a Giveback to school campaign.

The class of 1988 converged on Abuja, Nigeria for series of activities to mark its 31 years of passing out from the school.

The Coordinator of the Abuja Zone, Government secondary school Tafawa balewa, Abdulrazak Adio, who spoke on behalf of the Class, said it was a time of fun and catching up with lost moments.

“When we started initially, we had to start from the location of the school and the reason was to be able to connect and appreciate the level of decay and development that has taken place from the time that we left the school. However, what is important to us is not the school or the people, but the structure, which is the team that is making it possible for the young people to learn.”

“ We went to the school and had an interaction with the Principal, and we discovered that there’s a lot that we can do. You know Government’s meager resources cannot give us the quality of education we desire. So we had a discussion amongst us and categorise the interventions into two: the first being the immediate, short term requirements for the school”.

“Within the three months of our visit, we were able to get some teaching aids for the school which are sewing machines for the Home Economics class, printers, stationery amongst many other things.”

“This year, we have decided to introduce an Excellent Award programme that will enable us give scholarship to the best student in SSCE, JSCE, the best student in Mathematics and the best student in Arts,” he said.

According to M Adio, the Government secondary school Tafawa balewa Class of 88 Excellence Award was formed to spur the young students to aspire for excellence and also instill academic discipline in them.

The Government secondary school Tafawa balewa Class of 88is also plans developing a platform to have a database of all the alumni for career guidance.

“when we went there and the students saw us, they were very happy, but surprised that a public  school could produce such people. We were lucky when we went to school”. He noted

He however, lamented the level of decay in the educational sector in the country.

“we are also working to see how we can partner with the Govrnment and other agencies to help restore the glory and dignity of education in public schools”. He added.

Mr Adio therefore encouraged all alumni to take a cue from the Government secondary school Tafawa balewa Class of 88.

“the message we are saying is simple. If we come together, the little drops of water will become an ocean. Government cannot do all. It mustn’t be financial, it could be counseling and other things.

This is the second edition of the Government secondary school Tafawa balewa reunion. 

Lateefah Ibrahim