2018 International Mother Language Day: Schools urged to teach mother tongue

Omolayo Alabi


Nigerians have been urged to revert to the use of ‘Mother Tongue’ to teach children both at the basic and post basic education levels in order to help children assimilate and comprehend easily what is being taught per time.

An education expert from the Centre for Integrated Learning, David Ikong, gave the charge as Nigeria joins the rest of the World to mark Year 2018 International Mother Language Day.

Mr Ikong said the mother tongue is the first language a child should learn at the basic education, adding that it would be an advantage to teaching and learning aids.

The expert emphasized that teaching with the mother tongue from basic education simplifies techniques of teaching and learning.

“Mother tongue is the first language a child should learn as a child grows up. It is important to start a child with his or her mother tongue in this day’s education. A child will be able assimilate and comprehend,” Mr Ikong said.

“And when education is delivered in mother’s tongue they are simplified. Teaching children in school with their known language it will make teaching more explanatory,” he added.