Security experts advocate dialogue approach to tackle crisis

Abdul Mohammed, Minna


Holistic dialogue approach has been described as the only option in resolving  lingering crises among communities in Nigeria rather than Military participation.

This is the opinion of some  security experts during a two day stakeholders round table discussions on the lingering ethno-political crises across some parts of Nigeria.

It was organised by the Abdulsalam Abubakar institute for peace and sustainable development in Minna the Capital of Niger State.

A Former Nigeria’s foreign affairs Minister and one time under secretary General political affairs of the United Nations, Professor Ibrahim Gambari  as the Chairman of the occasion among others mentioned that  Military Solutions to conflicts particularly in intra States conflicts can not necessarily bring an end any crises .

“It may seems attractive and demonstrable when we have a problem we send the Military, but the reality is that in my experience there can be no Military Solutions to Conflict , there is no alternative to dialogue which should not also be seen as a very soft rather than tough option  because you don’t negotiate with your friends but with those you have profound  differences,” Professor Gambari said.

Common Ground
He further stated that for a government to bring situation or conflict under control there must be a common ground  weather in existence or  to be provided in order  to achieved  a desired solution to a conflict

“Peace building must go hand in hand with conflict resolution so as to address root causes of conflict and to build a Country forion  for lasting peace in societies that had been in conflict.

“The essence of the round table is to produce action and reflect on how to build a common ground for conflict resolutions across the Country so that in the end to rebuild the things that bind us not to give room who want to stress or divide us,” Said Professor Gambari.

Search for Solution
The Convener of the Conflict Resolution round table, General Abdulsalam Abubakar, a former Military Head of State in Nigeria mentioned that the idea behind the round table discussion  was to search for solution to some of the problems Nigeria as a Nation is currently experiencing .

Nigeria is going through a period of trial amidst growing tension and resentment all over the country.

There is anger in the land and the voices of reason are drowning very rapidly, It is clear that the situation requires that we all live up to the expectations of a nation that puts so much value in elders and leaders,” he said.

A one time Nigeria’s Defence Chief, General Martin  Luther Agwai who is also a participant in  the conflict resolutions round table discussion also emphasised on the need of always adopting  dialogue in conflict resolutions rather than Military might.

“By adopting the option of dialogue in a conflict situation, there is always a room of understanding each other from different perspectives,” Agwai said.

Enabling Environment
General Agwai further said the major function of the Military during a conflict is to give an enabling environment to solve lingering problems happening in a community.

The  two day Conflict resolution round table has in attendance  serving and retired senior  Military  Officers  as General Alani Akinrinade a one time Defence Chief of The Nigeria army, Retired  Major General Ishola Williams, Retired Major General Ibrahim Malgwi Haruna and host of other notable serving and retired Military officers.

Also in attendance are the  Emir of Minna in North central Nigeria , The Amanayabo of Twon Brass in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria ,  Sir. Alfred Dietti Spiff ,Professor Bolaji Akinyemi, Professor Auwalu Yadudu and host of other notable technocrats from across Nigeria.


Confidence Okwuchi