Seed council repositioned for quality seed deployment


The National Agricultural Seeds Council (NASC) says it has been repositioned to facilitate the production and marketing of high quality seeds. Dr. Olusegun Ojo, the Director-General of the NASC, made this known at a news conference in Abuja.

Ojo said the council achieved that by promoting the development of a dependable seed industry and regulating the registration of released crop varieties.

He said the council is in the process of providing legal backing for official testing, certification, sales, importation, exportation and use of seeds in the country.

He also stated that it would be able to carry out those responsibilities effectively since President Muhammadu Buhari had signed into law the National Agricultural Seeds Council Bill.

The new Seed Act 2019 replaces the National Agricultural Seeds Acts, Cap. No. 5, Law of the Federation of Nigeria 2004.

The director-general said that the council would be piloting the deployment of smart, tamper proof and enhanced security certification tags, which would replace the old seed certification tags.

Ojo said that the initiative has been launched with support of partners from Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

He said that this was done under the umbrella of the Partnership for Inclusive Agricultural Transformation in Africa (PIATA).

Ojo said the president’s assent to the new seed law showed “his commitment to the wellbeing of Nigerian farmers which makes it more difficult for unscrupulous elements to defraud them.

The story is no longer the same because anyone who contravenes the provision of the seed law as a first offender will be sentenced to jail for a period of one year.

The first offender can also pay a fine of one N1 million, subject to the decision of a court of competent jurisdiction.

Doing business without accreditation of the NASC, importation or exportation of seeds of any form without NASC approval, false labeling, selling of seeds in open container etc, are all infringements of the Seed Act,’’ he said.