Senator Lawan seeks support for Presidency on anti-corruption

Edwin Akwueh, Abuja


Nigerian Senate Leader, Senator Ahmed Lawan says the 9th National Assembly would consider establishing a law that could make it difficult for people to embezzle in public office or even the private sector, as part of measures to encourage the President Buhari led war against graft.

Senator Lawan who is one of the strong contenders for the President of the Senate position, believes that one of the options could be enacting a law for a special anti-corruption court to fast track the legal processes to ensure that whoever is found guilty is prosecuted in a time that is reasonable.

The Yobe North Senator-elect was speaking this weekend at an interactive forum with National Assembly Correspondents, where he highlighted the would be focus of the ninth National Assembly if his team is elected into the leadership of the parliament.

“Let me say that I believe in what my party does. This party campaigned on three issues in 2015: security, anti-corruption and revamping the economy. So, we gave remained consistent as a political party and as an administration. Our main task – if and when we make it – is to ensure that we support the President, the party to implement our campaign promises.

“On the anti-corruption fight, it is our mission to ensure that the President and this administration continues to fight against corruption. I can tell you that most of the ills that we are suffering today in this country, they are because people have stolen public funds. So when you are able to contain the excesses in that regard, you could have resources deployed properly. But I also believe that we should be proactive.”

Senator Lawan also confirmed that he would respect the decision of his party, the APC in the event that the Senate Leadership position is zoned outside his own part of the country- the north east of Nigeria.

“Am I not a party man? I am a loyal party man. I will respect the decisions of my leaders and party. But let me say that we are senators who believe in party supremacy. We believe in the leadership of our party. But the leadership we are seeking is leadership of the Senate and the National Assembly. So, it is very critical and crucial that we talk to our colleagues, convince them that we are the right people to lead the Senate and the National Assembly.

“We take nobody for granted. We believe that the crop of senators elected this time will be such a crop that we can achieve much more in terms of uniting ourselves and focusing on the real issues of development, of making Nigerians experience very rapid and sustainable changes and transformation.”

According to Senator Lawan who is now the longest serving lawmaker in the National Assembly, having been elected since 1999 into the House of Representatives, the 9th Assembly under his leadership would help rebuild Nigeria’s economy.

He expressed optimism that the governing party with support from the lawmakers, would restore an economy that will engender sustained, all inclusive growth, stressing that it is very critical and crucial for the administration to come up on sustained programmes that will make life better for the Nigerian masses.

“And also support those who build the economy. That is those in the private sector so that they are able to create and sustain jobs,” he added.