Several Women not addressing peculiar health needs – Expert


Majority of Nigerian women, especially the ones in the communities have neglected their peculiar health needs due to concern for other family and social needs.

Research and survey also discovered that the aforementioned women also hardly find time to check their health status.

Speaking at the two weeks Women’s Camp, organised by Outreach Women & Children’s Hospital, Dr. Efunbo Dosekun, stated that women have many balls to joggle, which implies that they need to fix their medical health, emotional health and gynecological health problems.

According to her, the essence of the outreach is to give back to the community and enlighten women on the necessity to get quality safe and affordable care and create opportunity for the women to share their health issues with experts in the field.

“We observed that women in the community are not addressing their own peculiar health needs, so it is necessary for us to bring them to the fore. They need screening for gynecological problems and also increase their access to formal health, she said

“Many women face several problems like family problems, husbands and other needs at home to the peril of their health. They hardly find time to check their health status. Women need knowledge and they must understand family planning. They also need to treat their mental pain. They need quick access to medical care. Women should know about menstrual pain and irregular menstruation.

“A lot of women do not know that a good evaluation can correct infertility and not necessarily In-Vitro-Fertilisation, IVF. If the assessment fails, then one can commence IVF. The essence of the Women Camp by Outreach, is to give back to the community.

She added: “We had a large turnout. We had 200 people this week and will be expecting 200 more next week. Cancer has been picked up during the screening.

The screening involves cervical cancer. If it is not detected early, it becomes dangerous. This implies that it can be curtailed.

Dosekun, an experienced general paediatrician with 28 years experience, affirmed that educational message on women’s health should be spread through digital media with a wider reach.

“Our Camp includes free surgery, and screening include Cervical cancer, Breast cancer, blood pressure, diabetes and Sexually Transmitted Infections, It will last for two weeks.

We have already had four surgeries for free. In the first week, 200 women came for our free treatment and we are expecting another 200 in the second week”, she said.