Skypower Express’ CEO seeks subsidy for local airlines

By Asma'u Halilu.


The Chief Executive Officer of Skypower Express Airways Nigeria Ltd, Captain Mohammed Joji, has advocated for subsidy on local Airlines to encourage shuttle flights across the country.

Joji made the call in an interview with newsmen in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria.

According to him, shuttle flights will add value to the economy and strengthen businesses.

“In business, time is of essence, and that is what shuttle flights guarantee. In fact, I recommend more airlines to come into this kind of business, it is going to help a lot. I am recommending some small aircraft to be shuttling within states, like 30-sitter planes”.

Joji called on government of those appropriate states to subsidize the initial losses:

“If I provide thirty seats for example, government will say we guarantee you fifteen or sixteen seats, so even if you don’t carry those numbers we pay those amount of money, so we recover our operating cost.”

On security, Joji said leaders must learn to travel by road from time to time to feel the pulse of the people and state of roads infrastructure in the country:

“You are running away from it, then how will you know the problems.

 “What I disagree totally with is for the security chiefs to go by rail and send their drivers by road. I totally disagree with that kind of arrangement, it’s either all of them go by rail or by road”.

Skypower Express will commence Lagos-London flights in January, 2020.

Amaka E. Nliam



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