Smallholder farmers: the main producers of food globally – IFAD

Peru - Management of Natural Resources in the Southern Highlands Project - May 2000

The International Fund for Agricultural Development says smallholder farmers provides 60 to 80 per cent of the food produced in developing countries.

According to a statement from the global body, farmers were under growing pressure to enhance their productivity and ensure food security.

“Yet numerous factors make farming increasingly difficult for them. These include climate variability and change, water scarcity and land degradation and high levels of post-harvest food losses.”

It also stated that access to diverse agricultural technologies was key to ensuring smallholder farmers continue to feed the world.

It added that IFAD-supported projects that helped farmers to increase yields through enhanced soil and pest management, fertilizer use, access to better quality seeds, and other improved agricultural practices.

“Our projects improve farmers’ access to input and output markets, as well as to rural financial services that will allow them to invest in their farms.”


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