Society demands logo for Patient’s Bill of Right in hospitals


The International Society of Media in Public Health (ISMPH) has called for a special logo that will tell the public that a hospital or healthcare facility observes the Patient’s Bills of Rights (PBoR).

The Executive Director of ISMPH, Moji Makanjuola made the call in an interview with the press in Abuja.

Makanjuola said this would help accelerate healthcare delivery services in the country.

She said beyond the launch and implementation of the bill, there should be a logo that signifies health facilities that observes patient’s bill of right.

“I am advocating that hospitals should be bold and proud enough to say that we observe Patient’s Bill of Right.

“The hospitals should have a logo which will tell the public that the facility observes PBoR; as a patient, I can have my treatment and can easily participate in my healthcare delivery.

As patient, I can also ask questions and the providers will answer me because they observe PBoR,’’ she said.

She noted that having logos of patients right’s in health facilities would boost confidence of the patients and create more demand for health services.

Makanjuola therefore advocated for an aggressive advocacy for Nigerians to understand every aspect of the bill and the need for the full implementation of the PBoR.

According to her, the benefits of the bill have become a priority particularly for public health.

“ I think that everyone has a responsibility here, just as the health practitioners have responsibility to adhere to the providers’ responsibilities, we as individuals also have our own responsibility which we need to adhere to.

If these two can work together, then, we can have an improved demand for healthcare and people would want to go to hospitals where the PBoR exists,’’ she said.

She appealed to stakeholders to cascade the bill down to the states and local government levels to enable people at that level know about their rights from health facilities.

“When people know their rights and know what to expect in any health facility I can assure you that this will be a spring board to quality health care in Nigeria.

The bill should be translated in many local languages in Nigeria and we should also have ambassadors who will speak about the bill, analyse the bill for the people.

We must also have the buy-in of the states and local governments, and the bill should be launched at every level to enable people know about its existence,’’ she said.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo launched the Patients’ Bill of Rights on July 31 in Abuja.

The PBoR outlines 12 rights that patients are entitled to, including right to relevant information in language and manner the patient understands, right to timely access to medical records and right to transparent billing.

Others are right to privacy and confidentiality of medical records, right to clean healthcare environment, right to be treated with respect, right to receive urgent care, right to reasonable visitation.

Also are right to decline care, right to decline or accept to participate in medical research, right to quality care and right to complain and express dissatisfaction regarding services received.