Somalia deals with aftermath of Mogadishu attack


After the Al-Shabaab terrorist group claimed responsibility for the weekend attack that killed over 80 people in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

The country continues to mop up events after the truck bombing at Mogadishu’s busy Ex-Control junction. Authorities have confirmed a death toll of 80 though other sources say 81.

Injured persons are 178 with the overall number of missing at 38, out of which 5 were confirmed dead, 1 is counted as injured, 6 are safe. Number of people missing as at Monday is 26.

An Ambulance service reported that hundreds of Mogadishu residents donated blood in response to desperate appeals. Meanwhile Turkey and Qatar have sent military jets to evacuate people who were badly hit by the attacks.

The government via statements by the president and prime minister condemned the attack stressing that Somalis will resist the terror and win the fight against enemies who always targeted innocent civilians.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed blamed the al-Shabaab in his message to the nation. He said, “Today’s tragedy has become part of cyclical lessons and has become a lesson learned since the country is in a state of war.

“We need to be vigilant against the terror attacks, since the primary goal of terrorists is to cause maximum damage to everybody.”

“I call upon the government to urgently coordinate whatever support they can to help the innocent who have been massacred in today’s terror attack who are now at the hospital.

I send my condolences to the bereaved families and at the same time pray that those killed in this attack go to heaven,” the president added.

He equally called upon the people of Somalia to provide support to their brothers and sisters who are affected by this tragedy.


Dominica Nwabufo