South Africa ready for digital radio broadcasting

Digital radio broadcasting

South Africa’s Communications Minister has said that the country is now ready to go fully digital in its radio broadcasts.

Nomvula Mokonyane at a press conference held in Pretoria, South Africa told media stakeholders that her ministry will in the next few weeks issue a directive to the country’s media regulator, Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA to begin the implementation of a policy to hasten the development of a licensing framework for digital radio broadcasting technologies.

This followed the successful trial and execution of both Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), an alternative to medium-wave and shortwave transmissions and digital audio broadcasting (DAB+), a digital alternative to analogue FM broadcasts within the past few months by Sentech, the State-owned broadcasting signal distributor in collaboration with other media players.

Based on the report from the trials that were carried out successfully, we firmly believe that the South African broadcasting market is viable enough for the introduction of digital radio”

“This transition is essential due to the congestion of the FM frequencies in regional locations like Gauteng. Enforcing transition to digital broadcasting will bring about increase in diversity and growth in the industry,” the Minister said

You would recall that South Africa along with many other African nations had missed the global deadline set for June 2015 and later 2017 to migrate to digital transmission and switch off analogue transmitters.