Southern Cameroonians call for state sovereignty


The People of Southern Cameroons under the Aegis of the Southern Cameroonians in Nigeria, SCINGA, have called for the restoration of its Sovereignty according to the United Nation Resolutions and Articles.

Addressing Journalists in Abuja, the group SCINGA urged the UN to send peace keeping force to Southern Cameroons to end the alleged human right abuses committed against its people.

Call for recognition

Also known as Ambazonia, the Southern Cameroons appealed to the Nigerian government and other African Countries to recognise and support it as a Country at the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa.

“There are 6 million registered Nigerians in next door Cameroon with about 2 million of them in the English speaking region, which is the former UN Trust Territory of the Southern Cameroons under the British Administration and presently there is threat to possible Genocide in our home ,if the Nigerian government does not rise up to defend its vote over it, then about 4million Nigerians residing in southern Cameroon and La republic du Cameroon would return to Nigeria in one week,” the group said.

The Spokesperson for Southern Cameroonians in Nigeria, Sisiku AyukTabe urged the United Nation to respect its majority vote of April 21, 1961 granting independence to the Southern Cameroons through the UN resolution.

AyukTabe also asked the countries of the World to present its case before the UN General Assembly, urging the UN to assume its full responsibilities over the UN Trust Territory of Southern Cameroons.

He also advised the government of the Republic of Cameroon to demilitarise Southern Cameroons by withdrawing its army and other security forces behind recognised borders that separate the two territories.

Preventing unnecessary abuse
“We urge the UN to use preventive diplomacy to prevent unnecessary abuse in the gulf of Guinea by the government of the Republic of Cameroon on the people of southern Cameroons,’’ AyukTabe stated.

SCINGA stressed that Southern Cameroons are ready to re-govern its territory.

“We lost our government, constitution, democracy, vibrant economic institutions, we lost our way of life, dignity and International personality in the UN experiment of independence by joining La Republic du Cameroon in what has been become a marriage of inconveniences” SCINGA stated.

The Cordinator of SCINGA in Nigeria, Dr Ebenezer Akwanga applauded the Nigerian government for re- opening its border to the people of Southern Cameroon.

Akwanga who was a refugee in Nigeria for three years along side with 27 others, appreciated former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s government for accepting refugees from Cameroon.

Call for supportive voice

“I want to appeal to the present government of Nigeria to give the people of Southern Cameroons a supportive voice to restore their independence and sovereignty,” he added.

It has an estimate of 8million people and when restored would be populated than 94 countries of the world.

Mercy Chukwudiebere