Spraying of locusts begins as bigger swarms enter Uganda


Spraying of desert locusts in Karamoja Sub-region started on Thursday, after more swarms of the deadly insects entered the country.

Spraying teams comprising soldiers and the Agriculture ministry started spraying the locusts in Komoret Village, Moruita sub-county in Nakapiripirit District.

This was after a huge swarm of locusts entered Uganda from Kenya’s Kasai region. The locusts entered through Nakasepan Village in Amudat Sub-county, Amudat District.

The swarm then split into two, some going to Nakapiripirit District and some remaining in Amudat.

The State Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Henry Aggrey Bagiire, State Minister for Fisheries Hellen Adoa and the State Minister for ICT Peter Ogwang have camped in Nakapriripiriti to monitor the situation.

However, the spraying of the locusts is still a challenge as the insects keep splitting and moving in different 8 districts of Karamoja. On Wednesday, about 100 soldiers from Olilim Army Barracks had camped in Katakwi District, hoping to spray a swarm that entered the district on Tuesday evening.

However, by the time they arrived, the locusts had left and been reportedly heading to Kitgum District.

But officials said they are prepared for any eventualities