Stakeholders call for improved electricity to health facilities

Gloria Essien, Abuja

Stakeholders in the health sector have called for improved access to reliable electricity supply for primary healthcare centres in Nigeria.
At a high level meeting on carving a part for improved electricity in Abuja, they identified lack of electricity in primary health facilities as a major threat to the citizens.

The meeting is aimed at looking into ways of supplying primary health care facilities with electricity for optimum performance.
The Acting Chairman Physical Responsibility Commission, Mr. Victor Muruako, who was the chairman of the meeting, called for the empowerment of local government administration in Nigeria for improved services.
He said citizens need to support the federal government’s move of direct allocations to the local government areas in the country
Mr. Munuako, also said that empowering the Local Government system would improve the wellbeing of Nigerians at the grassroot as local authorities have the capacity to hire personnel that would recide within the locality and work under close observation.
A report titled improving access to clean reliable energy for primary health care centers in Nigeria; A situation analysis of PHCs in the FCT, showed that most of the PH facilities in the FCT lacked basic amenities.
The lead researcher of the report, Ms. Tsema Yvonne Ede – Okoye, says there is need to provide solar energies to primary health care faculties across the country.
Saying that there was the need to train staff on how to maintain the system for improved indices.
She noted that the delapidating conditions of most facilities in the FCT were worrisome.
She however urged governments to profer solutions to the the lack of electricity in health facilities to save lives.
The research was funded by a consortium of partners.
The programme coordinator of the sponsors, the Heinnch Bell foundation, Mr. Ofoegbu Ikenna, said the foundation decided to found the initiative for the good of Nigerians
He said the foundation discovered that lack of reliable electricity and portable water supply contributes to material mortality in Nigeria.
The stakeholders engagement also pointed out that Nigerians have the right to ask for reliable energy which would bring about good healthcare.
Bilkisu Pai